While the two were THE greatest duo during Hong Kong’s Golden Era of filmmaking, director John Woo recently admitted that it would be difficult for him to work with Chow Yun Fat again in the future.

As reported on HK01, in a recent interview to promote his Hollywood comeback movie, “Silent Night”, the filmmaker pointed out that the difficulty he meant regarding another collaboration with Chow is more about the story than anything else.

“We are getting older and it would be hard to find the right script,” he said. “[But] I still want to be like Clint Eastwood and make movies that bring the protagonist back to his former glory.”

Despite previous rumours that they had a falling out after Chow departed from his movie, “Red Cliff”, John has nothing but praise for the actor, calling him an outstanding performer.

“When we were doing ‘A Better Tomorrow’ [in 1986], Chow had failed. For three years, everyone made fun of him and the movies he starred in were all flops. I was also in the same situation and was made fun of, so he felt that the dialogue I created seemed to be coming from the bottom of his heart,” he said.

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‘Hard Boiled’ (1992) was one of the last time Chow and John Woo collaborated

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