Jacky Wu recently announced that he will no longer be competing at the Golden Bell Awards, following his latest Best Variety Programme Host win.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Taiwanese TV personality, who shared the accolade with his variety show “Hot Door Night” co-hosts Hank Chen and Lulu, surprised many during the event that it would be the last time for him to attend the Golden Bell Awards, though will continue hosting his show.

“I want Taiwanese programmes to have great future. They must be able to air in places where Chinese is spoken,” he said. “This year will be my last year participating in the Golden Bell Awards. I will leave it to the young talents.”

Jacky stated that he wants to follow the example of singer Jody Chiang, who decided not to compete anymore at the Golden Melody Awards so that the younger generation of singers have the opportunity to win.

He also believes that the Golden Bell Awards should start opening its competition to shows from other countries.

“We need to expand the market, look at the world, and invite everyone to come in,” he added.

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Jacky Wu, Hank Chen and Lulu won for ‘Hot Door Night’

(Photo Source: Golden Bell Awards FB, CNA)