It looks like the cast list of the new mainland series, “Romance in the Alley” has fans of Guan Xiaotong and Fan Chengcheng fighting with each other.

Fans of Guan recently expressed unhappiness over the list, which ranked Fan Chengcheng before Guan, which in the eyes of the fans meant that Guan Xiaotong has a smaller role than Fan.

It is noted that in their previous collaboration, Guan was the female lead while Fan only played the male supporting actor.

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Fans of Guan Xiaotong are unhappy with the arrangement of the names in the cast list

Meanwhile, Fan’s fans are now arguing back that it was reasonable for the actor to have his name first before Guan, seeing that the actress has not had any good works in the past few years while Fan had been doing one movie after another.

“Romance in the Alley” takes place in the late 1970s and revolves around the stories of three families in Suzhou, namely the Zhuang family, the Lin family, and the Wu family, showing the life experiences and self-growth of different families in the changing times.

Other stars include Yan Ni and Li Guangjie.

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Fan Chengcheng’s fans say that the actor has been doing more movies than Guan Xiaotong

(Photo Source: Fan Chengcheng IG, Guan Xiaotong IG, SOHU)