The new cast, poster, and trailer for “Golden Kamuy”, a live-action movie based on Satoru Noda’s popular manga starring Kento Yamazaki, have been released.

“Golden Kamuy” is set in Hokkaido just after the end of the Russo-Japanese War at the end of the Meiji era, and is a mystery surrounding a huge Ainu treasure and a battle action story featuring charming characters with their own quirks.

It attracted many fans and won many awards, including the 2016 Manga Awards. webp to jpg 2

The main character, Saichi Sugimoto, travels with an Ainu girl, Asirpa, in search of ‘tattooed human skin’, which depicts the location of a buried Ainu treasure.

Joining Kento Yamazaki in the movie is Anna Yamada, who will play the role of Asirpa, as well as Yuma Yamoto as tattooed Abashiri convict and master escape artist Yoshitake Shiraishi, Gordon Maeda as private and sniper in the 7th Division Hyakunosuke Ogata, as well as Ryohei Ohtani as the Matagi and a private first class of the 7th Division, Genjiro Tanigaki.

golden kamuy live action.png
The film will premiere on 19 January 2024

(Photo Source: Anime News)