Chow Yun Fat’s fans recently expressed their concern over the actor’s recent interview in Busan, where he spoke about the restrictions faced by filmmakers in China.

As reported on Oriental Daily, in a recent interview, in which Chow was asked about the Hong Kong film industry now compared to the Golden Age, Chow stated that China has many censorship requirements, with scripts having to go through and getting approval of many departments, unlike in the past.

“We have a lot of restrictions now. It’s really difficult for the filmmakers. But honestly, we will try our best to do our ‘Hong Kong spirits’ movie. This is our goal,” he said.

Chow also admitted that Hong Kong film players were very proud of their movies in the 1980s, as they were hugely watched by people around the world.

“But somehow up to 1997, a lot of different things changed. So, we have to pay attention to our government’s direction. This is important. Otherwise, we will [find it] hard to get all the money to shoot the movies,” he said.

While many of his fans in China agreed that the censorship has hindered creations of domestic films, others claimed that Chow’s classic movies are violent and have negative impact on society.

Meanwhile, others are expressing concern over the veteran star’s criticism of the restrictions, saying that he could be completely banned by the Chinese government once he gets home.

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Chow is proud of his Hong Kong films like ‘A Better Tomorrow’ (1986)

(Photo Source: IMDb, HKFP)