SNH48’s Duan Yixuan recently assured that she is fine after a recent incident during a stage play.

According to Mingpao, on 21 October, the singer was performing on stage in Qingdao when a large stage prop behind her suddenly fell. Photos taken from those at the show showed that the prop collapsed on top of the singer, causing audiences to scream in panic.

Duan continued to perform afterwards, and only went to hospital for treatment after that.

The set prop fell on top of Duan during her performance
Duan Yixuan 2
The singer continued to perform afterwards

Assuring her safety on social media soon after, the singer said that everything is well with her.

“There is no concussion… The set board has an iron grid frame (window shape). Not all of them are steel plates. There are small empty squares in the middle. Maybe I’m just lucky. So, don’t worry anymore!” she wrote.

The singer’s management also released a statement, saying that their team has already taken Duan to the hospital for further examination, and was told that she is in good health. They also stressed that they will strengthen internal safety training and optimise stage safety inspection in the future.

(Photo Source: Duan Yixuan Weibo, Mingpao)