Daisuke Yokoyama has recently apologised over his recent TikTok video, in which he performed a dance using a controversial song that touched upon sensitive topics that include paedophilia.

On 4 October, following the backlash from followers and netizens alike, Daisuke took to his blog and wrote, “We have received many opinions from everyone regarding the songs used on TikTok. his time, without knowing the lyrics or background of the song, I imitated the dance and posted it just because it was trendy.”

“I am very sorry for deeply hurting those who supported me, and for making many people feel uncomfortable … We will take everyone’s feedback seriously and will do our best to ensure that something like this never happens again.”

Daisuke also stated that he will carefully understand any content released via the said platform before posting them.

However, soon after posting the message, the singer and actor took to his blog yet again and said that he takes seriously everybody’s opinions and decided to delete his TikTok account.

“I can’t help but regret that I was so thoughtless and shallow in my position. I deeply apologise for letting everyone down this time,” he added.

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The singer danced to a controversial content

(Photo Source: Daisuke, Jisin JP)