Chrissie Chau is elated that her TVB drama has been selected to be one of the four anniversary series this year.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke to the media when she appeared in TVB City recently, stated that her new drama, “Dead Ringer” marks the second time that she is participating in an anniversary drama.

Asked if she feels any pressure about the ratings, Chrissie said, “No. I did my best during filming and I couldn’t care less about anything else. I don’t think about it.”

The actress also revealed that she often gets injured while filming fight scenes in the series, since she can’t use pads under her tight-fitting shirt.

“I also have to run in high-heel shoes. There was a scene where I was running with Bosco [Wong] and I was asked to match his speed. But Bosco was very kind. He slowed down for me,” she said.

In “Dead Ringer”, Chrissie plays a Chinese-American female captain who, while leading a SWAT team in destroying the base of a human trafficking group, discovers a female corpse that turns out to be her twin sister Liang Xi.

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Chrissie plays two characters in the drama

(Photo Source: Chrissie Chau IG,  Oriental Sunday)