Bowie Lam is happy to be nominated for the first time at the Golden Horse Awards after 30 years of career.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who received a place in the Best Supporting Actor category for his performance in “In Broad Daylight”, stated, “Although I have not won awards after being a movie actor for so many years, I have received some recognition.”

“Apart from me, David Chiang and everybody else did very well in the film and the newcomers are also equally good, so it was a bit surprising to be nominated this time,” he said.

Bowie will be competing with actors Akio Chen (“Old Fox”), Fu Meng-Po (“Day Off”), Sean Wong (“Time Still Turns the Pages”), as well as Jack Tan (“Abang Adik”).

The upcoming 60th Golden Horse Awards will be held on 25 November at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei.

This year, Ang Lee serves again as President for the Jury for the second time following the 50th edition in 2013.

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The nominees in the Best Supporting Actor category

(Photo Source: TGHFF FB, One Cool Film IG)