Following Wang Xiaofei’s very confusing livestream earlier this week, Barbie Hsu’s camp decided to address some of the situations and allegations involving the actress and former wife of the mainland businessman.

On 10 October, Barbie’s manager, who was asked about Wang’s recent online confession of wanting to remarry his ex-wife, stated that the businessman actually has proposed to Barbie several times since their divorce.

“But Barbie clearly refused him,” said the manager.

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Wang seemed inebriated during his recent live

Regarding Wang’s allegation that Barbie’s husband Koo Jun-Yup has “run back to South Korea” and does not live in Taipei with the actress at all, the manager stated, “Barbie and her husband have a harmonious and happy marriage. His art exhibition will be held at the Taipei International Art Fair in mid-October.”

Meanwhile, when asked about the fact that Barbie’s mother has been seen with Wang on several occasions and has a good relationship with him, the manager said, “Although the two parties are divorced, Barbie’s mother still maintains friendly communication with him for the sake of the children. There is no need to overinterpret the situation.”

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Barbie and Koo’s marriage is just fine, says manager

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu Fanpage IGSOHU)