Aside from starring in the new movie, “The Unleashed Blaze”, Andy Lau revealed that he is also producing the action film.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media at the production commencement ceremony held at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on 17 October, stated that he does not feel the pressure of being the producer, seeing that he has a good team.

“Director Derek Kwok’s first film was produced by my company and he had since made a lot of important movies. His creativity is similar to the late Benny Chan,” he said.

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The crew and cast are ready to get blazing

Asked if he’d worry about the production cost, Andy said lightheartedly, “No. Another person is in charge of that. I am only responsible for spending the money.”

He also added that he would approve anything that Nicholas Tse wants to shoot because the company hasn’t set any limits to the budget.

It is noted that Nicholas also plays the role of the movie’s action director aside from being its lead actor.

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Andy would let Nic do whatever he wants in the movie

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fanpage IG, The Unleashed Blaze FB)