Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse are elated to be working together in the new movie, “The Unleashed Blaze”.

As reported on Mingpao, the two stars, who last collaborated with each other 12 years ago in Benny Chan’s “Shaolin”, admitted that they felt the responsibility to continue the spirit of the late director, whom inspired their new action flick.

Said Andy, “This movie is not the sequel to [Benny Chan’s] ‘Raging Fire’, but a new story altogether. It would be more abstract, and a more fantastic action film.”

Asked if they would be playing enemies in the film, Andy joked, “We play brothers. I am the younger brother.”

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Andy: I’m actually the younger one

Nicholas then explained that they will play brothers with a complicated relationship, with both parties having their share of action and fight scenes.

“This time the action scenes are very highly physically demanding. It has already exceeded all of my previous action work,” said Andy. “Nic would design the scenes, first using computer technology to shoot them then trying them on the set. If they would work then I would perform, if not they would have to accommodate me a little.”

Aside from Andy and Nic, the movie co-stars Carlos Chan, Power Chan, Angus Yeung, and Jeana Ho among others.

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Praying for a smooth production

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fanpage IG, The Unleashed Blaze FB)