Aimee Chan and Moses Chan are both elated that their first drama together after 11 years, “Romeo and His Butterfly Lover” is set to premiere on 16 October.

The couple, who attended the series’ promotional event earlier, play two of the four leads in the series, which also stars Kalok Chow and Kayan Yau.

Said Moses, “I very much support Aimee’s acting comeback and I am glad that the male lead in her first ever drama in many years is me.”

He also praised the actress for her hard work, saying that Aimee personally performed her fight scenes and even got injured for it.

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The drama also stars Kalok Chow and Kayan Yau

Meanwhile, Aimee said that the character was tailor-made for her by the producer, after she expressed her desire to have more fighting scenes in the drama.

“I hope that this character can make viewers happy,” she said.

She also stated that this drama will not be her last, adding, “I have always been addicted to acting. But I will have to see the timing and the script, whether it’s suitable, before taking on the role.”

Both stars also expressed great confidence in the ratings. Moses stated that other than the fact that fans will be excited for Aimee’s comeback, the drama is also unique for having the concept of a movie.

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Aimee and Moses have three kids together

(Photo Source: Aimee Chan IG)