Adam Cheng’s estranged eldest daughter was reported to have died by suicide.

As reported on Mingpao, the news was first revealed by Saint Bridget Chinese Catholic Church on 30 September, which released an obituary for one Angelina Cheng On-Yee.

It was later revealed that the 55-year-old was found by her church members at home in Southern California, after she went missing for several days, having taken her own life. Several friends stated that she seemed unhappy and distressed by her romantic relationship prior to the tragedy.

Angelina was later revealed to be the daughter of Adam and Lo Wai Yu, whom he met prior to his debut and married in a low-key affair. After they ended the marriage three years later, Lo took Angelina away with her and moved away.

In a past interview, Adam said that he had no contact with Angelina, and only paid for her studies. In a text message sent by Adam to the media, he said, “We are currently trying to understand the situation and handling it.”

Angelina is the daughter of Adam Cheng and ex-wife Lo Wai Yu
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Adam is also dad to singer Joyce Cheng with ex-wife Lydia Shum

(Photo Source: Mingpao, SINA)