Actress Yuan Bingyan (also known as Crystal Yuan) has now been banned by Weibo.

The ban came after the Chongqing tax authorities found her to have committed tax evasion following an investigation.

Followers who clicked on Crystal’s Weibo will find themselves reading a disclaimer that stated “This user is currently banned due to violation of relevant laws and regulations”.

According to a statement released after the investigation, Crystal’s affiliated company was fined RMB 978,000 last year for tax evasion. However, the two parties seemed to have not learned any lesson, as Crystal was found recently to have evaded tax yet again.

She had since been fined RMB 4.3 million.

It is noted that Crystal has already filmed four dramas, including “The Emperor’s Love” and “Thunder Chaser”, which will likely be shelved because of the scandal.

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Two dramas may be shelved due to the actress’ tax evasion scandal

(Photo Source: Yuan Bingyan Fanpage IG)