Amid allegations of tax evasion, Lareina Song (Song Zu’er) was revealed to have been removed from any mention by TV stations.

As reported on NetEase, on the evening of 31 August, major satellite TV platforms across China, including Zhejiang TV, Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV and Beijing TV, have begun deleting Lareina-related updates from their social media accounts.

Insiders claimed that they received a notice around 9 AM for any content that involves Lareina to be removed, further fuelling rumours that the tax evasion scandal was true.

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Any search about Lareina comes out zero

It was also alleged that the authorities have now begun investigating the case, following claims made by a former employee of her agency stating that the 25-year-old actress has evaded up to RMB 45 million in taxes.

The recent news has now sparked concern about Lareina’s upcoming dramas, which might be jeopardised due to the scandal. This includes period drama, “The Demon Hunter’s Romance” and modern series, “Created in China”.

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Lareina also stars in ‘The Prisoner of Beauty’

(Photo Source: Lareina Weibo, Netease News)