Tiffany Hsu’s rep has recently denied rumours that the actress is still traumatised by Wu Kangren’s performance in the drama series, “Shards of Her”.

As reported on UDN, tabloids recently claimed that the actress has expressed how scared and uncomfortable she was whenever she saw Wu after filming an assault scene with the actor, who plays a cunning two-faced man in the show.

Sources claimed that Tiffany also avoided being on the same stage with Wu as much as possible, prompting many to believe that the actress is still traumatised by the previous performance.

To that, Tiffany’s representative responded that there is no such thing.

“The two parties had sufficient communication during filming and they both felt very safe. If there is an opportunity in the future, they will continue to cooperate,” the rep stated.

In a past interview, Wu stated that he had discussed with the director when it comes to his portrayal of the character.

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It’s only acting, folks

(Photo Source: Mirror Media)