Summer Meng recently attracted attention when she made a rare appearance in public, this time for the press conference of the TV show, “Time Traveler”.

Summer and husband Mickey Huang have been keeping a low profile ever since Mickey has been discharged from the hospital, after the TV personality hurt himself after being accused of sexual misconduct.

The actress, who looked slightly thinner from the last time she was seen in public, shared that she is doing fine, and that the scandal that her husband Mickey Huang faced has not caused financial pressure to her.

“Mickey has been helping with our daughter and takes care of her when I am not home,” she said.

Summer is looking much thinner than before

When asked if she would encourage her husband to go out more often, Summer said that she often encourages Mickey to do things like camping, to have more contact with nature, which she said is a kind of natural healing.

As to whether Mickey has plans to make a comeback, Summer said, “He has no plans to do so, but his current situation is better than before.”

However, the actress added that it is not convenient for her to say anything on his behalf, and that she just hopes to accompany him well at present.

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Summer says Mickey has been taking care of their daughter

(Photo Source: Summer Meng IG, CNA Taiwan)