Miss Hong Kong 2021 and TVB artiste Sabrina Mendes recently announced that she is back in school.

On 2 September, the beauty queen posted a series of photos including her student registration card and the LKS Faculty of Medicine building at The University of Hong Kong, writing, “Today is September 1st. It’s the typhoon day and more importantly, my first day in school!”

“The day I’ve been waiting for a long time has finally arrived. I am now a master student at HKU Medical School from today. Hopefully one day I can be involved in conducting some medical research,” she added.

Sabrina Mendes goes back to school at HKU, celeb asia, sabrina mendes, theHive.Asia
The beauty queen goes back to school

Speaking about her studies during an event later on, Sabrina stated that she had always wanted to pursue her Master’s studies, but had to delay her plans when she joined the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

She also emphasised that she would not be qualified to practice medicine after graduation, and could only participate in medical research.

“I am interested in medical research and want to further my medical knowledge, but the tuition fee is six figures. I have to work hard to earn money to pay for the tuition. I am considering whether to study for a four-year degree after completing the Master’s program in the future. For doctoral studies, you can apply for scholarships to reduce your burden,” she said.

Sabrina also stressed that TVB was very supportive of her plans and has made an arrangement so that her current work will not affect her studies.

Sabrina Mendes goes back to school at HKU, celeb asia, sabrina mendes, theHive.Asia
Sabrina delayed her plans to further studies due to the Miss Hong Kong pageant

(Photo Source: Sabrina Mendes IG)