Malaysian Bunnies, rejoice! NewJeans’s collaboration with McDonald’s is finally coming!

The McD X NewJeans collaboration, which began in South Korea back in June, has started in Malaysia since 7 September, with the first advertisement releasing on McDonald’s Malaysia’s official social media on said date.

The ad has the group members dancing to the beat of McDonald’s theme, and introducing the Spicy Crispy Chicken.

“The taste that makes New Jeans groove~ Crispify your world with our Spicy Crispy Chicken menu today,” the post read.

McDonald’s also launched the Chicken Dance Mission from 9 to 24 September, where customers have to show their “crispy moves” and win a NewJeans Special Gift.

Fans can join by using McDonald’s Chicken Dance audio, start the video by biting into Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger or Wrap, do the Chicken Dance solo or with a team, and post it on Instagram by tagging @mcdonaldsmalaysia and #McDChickenDance.

(Photo Source: McDonald’s Malaysia IG)