Taiwan has already selected the movie to be submitted to the 2024 Academy Awards’ Best International Feature Film.

“Marry My Dead Body”, the action-comedy film about a homophobic cop who finds himself betrothed to a dead gay man, was picked among nine movies that were nominated to represent Taiwan.

According to the selection committee from the Ministry of Culture, they decided to choose the movie to represent Taiwan as it “cleverly combines traditional customs with modern perspectives, has both humour and emotion, and showcases the characteristics of Taiwanese culture and life.”

The film made NTD 360 million when it was released in Taiwan earlier, and received good box office results in several countries including South Korea and Vietnam.

Starring Greg Han and Austin Lam and directed by Cheng Weihao, the movie shows how the unlikely duo must work together through their differences and join forces to solve the ghost’s murder after he died under mysterious circumstances.

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‘Marry My Dead Body’ stars Greg Han and Austin Lam

(Photo Source: IMDb)