It seems that Luke Chen’s life will never be a peaceful one, as his agency yet again has to remind fans to give the actor some space.

In a recent statement released on 4 September, “The Starry Love” actor’s studio revealed that the irresponsible behaviour of some overzealous fans have not only brought problems to Luke, but also causing safety concerns for the crew and public.

The statement continued, “Here we solemnly declare:

1. Any form of irrational behaviour is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to chasing, blocking, filming, following cars, breaching hotels and public areas such as airports and stations.

2. Please do not obtain Mr Chen’s itinerary and private information through any illegal means. We also oppose illegal activities such as selling documents and itineraries.

3 Do not participate in a non-public crew visit, film visits, and jointly maintain good working environment for Mr Chen.

Finally, we are grateful for everyone’s love and support and call again for everyone to be sensible. Let’s work together to maintain good order.”

However, the company made no mention as to what had triggered them to release such a statement.

Luke Chen 2
Give the man some space, people!

(Photo Source: Luke Chen Weibo)