Kay Tse recently admitted that daughter Karina has been making lots of money since she started doing commercials.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, whose daughter has just turned six earlier this year, stated that Karina has done many advertisements during the summer vacation that she ended up earning a six-figure remuneration.

“I think my daughter really enjoyed filming and took the advantage of the summer vacation. She also knows how to listen to instructions very well,” she said.

Asked if she would let her daughter joined the entertainment industry, Kay, who is married to actor Louis Cheung, stated that Karina is still too young to understand it now.

“She just likes to perform and dance like other children. If she has this intention in the future, I will support it. But it is too early to decide on anything now,” she said.

Meanwhile, as for her 16-year-old son James, the singer said that he is now studying hard to prepare himself for university.

Asked if she is ready to let him go and study abroad, Kay said that she would definitely cry when the time comes. “He is my best friend, but this is a good thing for him,” she said.

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Karina has been doing lots of commercials during the summer holiday

(Photo Source: Kay Tse IG)