Joker Xue recently stood in front of fans at his Chengdu concert to apologise for not being able to perform due to fever.

The singer, who was scheduled to perform on 9 and 10 September in Chengdu, appeared on stage on the second day of his performance in casual clothes and explained that his fever had worsened.

“You see me dressed like this on stage today, I’m sure you knew something was wrong. I will not hide it from you,” he said. “My fever has reached 39 degrees and my tonsilitis has also reached its severe state, which means I may not be able to perform today.”

Joker stated that while he originally planned to post an explanation on Weibo or Douyin, he decided to appear in front of everybody as he realised that some fans might have travelled thousands of miles to come to his concert. crop
The singer bowed in apology to his fans

Speaking about the refund, Joker stated that those who live in Chengdu can freely choose to get a refund, while concertgoers who came from out of town can also apply for him to compensate for their transportation and accommodation costs.

He also stated that instead of being refunded, the fans can use their tickets for his future show in the area.

Following the announcement, the singer stayed for a little bit longer to chat with his fans and sing-along with them, turning the show into a small meet-and-greet session.

The organiser later officially announced on Weibo that Joker actually suffered from low-grade fever and tonsillitis symptoms, which did not improve after emergency treatment. They also stated that refund details will be announced soon.

(Photo Source: Joker Xue IG, Oriental Daily)