It looks like Johnny & Associates could be changing its company’s name after all, as it announced an upcoming meeting to discuss about the future of the company.

On 19 September, representative director Noriyuki Higashiyama posted an announcement on the company’s official website, saying that they have taken everybody’s opinions and criticisms seriously and have been considering the future direction of the company.

“We will hold a board of directors meeting to discuss from all angles the major direction of the company’s operations, including the handling of the shares held by [Julie] Fujishima, specific measures for compensation, changing the company name, and the future of our talents and employees. We confirmed the direction we should take. We plan to closely examine legal, tax, and other issues in the future,” he said.

Noriyuki added that they will provide a detailed report on 2 October.

“We apologise for the anxiety, concern, and inconvenience caused to the victims, business partners, and fans. Thank you for your patience and understanding,” he added.

It is noted that Johnny & Associates have been losing lots of sponsorship and cooperation ever since its late founder Johnny Kitagawa was found guilty of multiple sexual abuses.

In a previous interview, the new president stated that they have no plans to change the name of the company, despite its association to Johnny, as it has been operating under that name for a long time.

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Noriyuki Higashiyama previously said no to changing the company’s name

(Photo Source: The Japan News)