In an attempt to mend their ways following the history of multiple sexual abuses committed by their late founder Johnny Kitagawa, Johnny & Associates recently announced that they are establishing what they call a Victim Relief Committee.

In a statement released on their website, the company stated that the Victim Relief Committee, consisting of external experts, will consider the contents of the reports from all victims and determine the amount of compensation.

They also revealed the three members of the Victim Relief Committee to be experienced former judges, that are Makoto Jozuka, Rei Sugihara, and Michihiro Mori.

In the same statement, Johnny & Associates stated that they will strengthen governance under the new president, Noriyuki Higashiyama, continue to engage with the media and stakeholders as a way to show commitment to their human rights’ due diligence, and to forgo management’s compensation.

“The cause of the inconvenience caused to everyone lies with the perpetrator, the late Johnny Kitagawa, and our company’s system. We will do our best to regain the trust we have lost, and for the next year, all performance fees for advertisements and program appearances will be paid to the talent themselves, and we will not receive compensation as an entertainment production company.”

“We keep in mind that it will be a long road to apologise to the victims, provide relief, and regain their trust. All of our talents and our executives and employees will work together to make a fresh start for our company, so we sincerely appreciate your continued feedback and suggestions,” the company added.

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Noriyuki Higashiyama (left) takes over the company after resignation of past president, Julie Keiko Fujishima (right), who is Johnny’s niece

(Photo Source: BBC, Bias List)