Jacquelin Ch’ng is doing her best to work with the authorities when it comes to the case involving the cryptocurrency exchange JPEX.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who was one of the many celebrities who previously promoted the platform, revealed that she is also one of the victims, as she lost up to HKD 500,000 in the alleged fraud and has already assisted with the investigation on 21 September.

Asked if the case has affected her mood, Jacquelin, who returned to Malaysia earlier to celebrate her mother’s birthday, stated that it did affect her, though only a little.

As to rumours that she will have to go back to Hong Kong earlier because of the case, the actress denied it, saying that it was all according to plans.

“I have called my lawyer to handle it as soon as possible. But I also have an appointment during this time,” she said, adding that her other work had not been affected by the incident.

However, Jacquelin declined to say whether she will assist in the investigation again.

“I may have been unlucky recently, but this year will be over soon, so it doesn’t matter,” she added. “I will not make any more investments for the time being.”

The Hong Kong police had begun investigation on allegations of fraud against JPEX, following complaints made by 2,000 investors over more than HKD 1 billion in losses.

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Jacquelin will not be investing in anything for the time being

(Photo Source: Jacquelin Ch’ng IG)