While she may be hailed a fierce K-pop queen, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa recently admitted that the previous controversy had truly affected her.

The singer, who appeared as a guest on Sung Si Kyung’s YouTube show to promote her new song, “I Love My Body”, stated that she chose the song to address the previous controversy surrounding her performance at a university that some deemed to be indecent.

“I went on a tour with MAMAMOO in the US, and the day I arrived in the country and checked my phone, it was filled with messages. I thought, something must have happened,” she said.

Hwasa said that while she understood that her performance at the time could be deemed controversial, the level of malicious comments really broke her down.

“I normally do not dwell on [malicious comments], but this time it was a bit too much. Our first show was in New York, and I had to keep it together… I pretended like I was fine, but as soon as the show was over, I couldn’t help but cry,” she said.

Hwasa said that she had never cried the way she cried that day, and that she even excused herself from her room to cry at the parking lot.

However, the singer said that she got a call from PSY later on, the rapper who is now her new boss, and that he sent her the song, “I Love My Body”. She admitted that the title made her laugh and freshen up her mood.

It was back in July that Hwasa was reported to the police by the Student Parents Human Rights Protection Solidarity, after she was accused of making suggestive dances during a performance at the Sungkyunkwan University Festival in May.

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Hwasa (right) with her MAMAMOO sisters

(Photo Source: Hwasa IG)