Hu Ge recently admitted that he’d still “talk” to his mother despite the fact that she has passed away since 2019.

The actor, who attended the premiere of his new movie, “All Ears” recently, shared that the reason why he decided to accept the movie when the role was offered to him was because the script touched him and reminded him of his mother.

“I still send messages to her. I have never been able to find an outlet to resolve the pain caused by her passing,” he said.

He added that whenever he has a happy news or encounter something that makes him sad, he would send messages to her.

“I feel a lot of regret and self-blame in my life and this film makes up lots of these regrets,” he added.

In past interviews, Hu revealed that his mother had been battling breast cancer since he was a child, and that it was her positivity and optimism that inspired him and made a big impact in his life.

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The movie’s storyline reminds Hu Ge of his late mother

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