Gaile Lok was the epitome of grace as she appeared in public for the first time since she and husband Ian Chu ended their marriage earlier this year.

As reported on Mingpao, the model, who attended a cocktail party hosted by designer Barney Cheng recently, shared that she hadn’t attended such events since becoming a single mother, but that she came to support Barney, of whom she had collaborated with in the past.

She also denied that her appearance means that she will return to the limelight, adding that she wants to focus on her son for now.

“I will only make an appearance when there is a suitable occasion or when I am invited. I am just happy to reunite with the models of my generation. I am happy to shoot an advertisement, but I don’t think I can still put on makeup and return as a model after so many years,” she said.

As for her divorce and the shared custody of their son, Gaile said that it didn’t happen overnight, though declined to share much about what had transpired.

“It’s not always about a third party. It’s hard to explain. In short, something happened, but you can’t blame the other party. Both of us are adults and we made a joint decision not to be together anymore. The most important thing is that my son is now happy,” she added.

She also dismissed the idea of finding new love, saying that she is not mentally ready for the time being.

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Gaile just wants to focus on son Hunter for now

(Photo Source: Gaile Lok IG)