Evan Lin Yanjun’s studio has recently released a statement responding to recent rumours on the internet about him soliciting prostitutes.

The issue sparked on 4 September, when an internet celebrity who claimed to be dating the singer stated that she had broken up with him amid his cheating and soliciting prostitutes. She also stated that she has evidence of him doing so when asked by netizens.

In response, Lin Yanjun’s studio stated that some netizens fabricated false news about the prostitution, published and disseminated speeches that slandered the singer, which has caused serious damage to his reputation.

They also demanded netizens who have published, reposted, and spread relevant content to immediately delete posts that contain defamation and slander, and stop all reposting and commenting.

At the same time, the studio stated that it will file lawsuits to pursue legal liability for the infringement of some serious Internet users.

It is noted that Lin previously denied dating the said influencer.

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It’s lies, I tell you, all lies

(Photo Source: Evan Lin Yanjun Weibo)