Eric Tsang recently dismissed rumours that he has been implicated in an investment scam in northern Myanmar.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the TVB Executive, who flew back to Hong Kong following his surgery in Taiwan earlier, lamented to the media that there are just too many fake news online.

“I usually don’t read this kind of news and as an artiste, I am not very good at responding to it. But since I have a position in TVB now, I have to come out and respond,” he said.

Eric stated that the rumour that he was arrested was quite ridiculous, seeing that he was in Taiwan recuperating from his surgery at the time.

“Fake news has harmed many people, and even caused some people to commit suicide. It is easy for rumour-mongers to create a few pictures and write a few words, but it will affect other people’s lives. I hope that people who read the news will not just believe it. Journalists should appeal to their conscience, why they do this, and think twice before doing it,” he added.

Eric stated that he will investigate the issue and will take legal action once he finds the source.

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No, I am not involved in any scams in Myanmar

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao)