Darren Wang couldn’t help but laugh over the criticism he faced due to his appearance at the Seoul Fashion Week.

On 5 September, the 32-year-old Taiwanese actor became a hot topic online, when fans expressed frustration to seeing him gaining weight, and appearing at the event with red hair, a striped jacket, and capri jeans.

On 6 September, Darren posted a video on his Weibo account, laughing at the comments saying that he looked like a bun.

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Darren laughs at the comments he received

“Everyone says that Darren is chubby, quite fat. I’m sorry, everyone. Going to Fashion Week in that state, is it reasonable?” he recited the comments and laughed. “What’s wrong about being a little chubby? It’s good to be healthy, right?”

Darren stated that it was the first time that he went to Seoul Fashion Week, and said that he will try to lose another five kilograms soon. The actor added that he still has other fashion shows scheduled.

He also captioned the video, “I’ll lose weight after the show is over. I will never lie to you!”

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Sometimes, fans think this is still 2015 and you’re still 24, Darren