Chow Yun Fat has been named Busan International Film Festival’s Asian Filmmaker of the Year.

The actor is set to accept the award at the 28th edition of the festival in South Korea, which will be running from 4 to 13 October 2023.

“With his outstanding acting skills, Chow plays a diverse repertoire and gives life to many classic characters. He made a name for himself in Hong Kong and even worldwide before successfully making his way to Hollywood, and established his status in the global film industry,” said Kevin Yeung, the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hong Kong.

He also added that Chow is a beloved actor in his home country, and that he has earned lots of recognition worldwide.

Chow, who has been in the film and television industry for nearly 50 years, once stated that, “The stories and characters are fictional, but my current interpretation is real… Adversity can make everyone stronger. As long as you stand up again, accumulate experience and reputation, you will find a role that suits you and move towards success.”

Meanwhile, his new movie, “One More Chance” will be screened at the said festival.

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The actor plays a down on his luck gambler and father

(Photo Source: Lifestyle Asia HK, Straits Times)