Two years after she went MIA, Chinese vlogger Li Ziqi finally reappeared in a new video.

As reported on Sina, on 15 September, Li shared content about the farming culture as part of her role as the promotional ambassador for the Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival.

The video, in which she talks about farming and harvesting, also had Li saying that she will continue to bring more high-quality content in her own way.

“I will continue to share traditional farming culture and talk about the rural ways,” she added.

Li, who entered the Guinness World Records for “the most subscribers for a Chinese language channel on YouTube” in 2021 after several years of being a content creator, disappeared from view after she sued her content network Hangzhou Weinian.

It was revealed that Weinian had been making profits out of her brand to sell products while Li herself did not benefit from it since she does not hold any stake in the company.

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Li sued Hangzhou Weinian for allegedly profiting from her work

(Photo Source: SINA)