Zheng Kai recently revealed that he has forgiven a netizen who posted a handwritten apology after accusing the actor of being arrested for prostitution.

On 31 July, the actor reposted the said letter on his Weibo account that was first shared by his studio. The studio had stated that the internet is not a place outside the law and that there is a limit to freedom of speech online.

“If you know your mistakes, you can improve them,” the actor expressed.

In the apology letter, the netizen stated that he made an inappropriate statement about the actor through WeChat group, and had since regretted it. He also stated that he didn’t expect that the private discussion was disseminated and made it onto the internet.

“I’m sorry for causing unnecessary trouble to you, your family, and the team… In the future, I promise to put an end to participating in such discussions,” the netizen added.

Prior to that, Zheng debunked rumours of him being arrested for soliciting prostitutes in Beijing by sharing a photo of himself in Xinjiang during the alleged arrest.

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Zheng Kai reveals he was in Xinjiang on the day he was supposedly ‘arrested’ by the police in Beijing

(Photo Source: Zheng Kai Weibo)