Zhejiang TV has recently released a statement regarding the controversy surrounding its hit reality show, “Sing! China”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the statement, which was released on 20 August, acknowledged the issue that has plagued the programme, saying that they will urge the producers to work hard and improve their work.

“Since the “Voice of China” programme started broadcasting in July 2012, the mentors and nearly a thousand proteges have been on the stage. Coco Lee was one of the good mentors and singers, worth remembering,” it stated.

“We also clearly see that the programme has encountered some problems and that is lacking of everyone’s expectation. Zhejiang TV has the responsibility and obligation to strengthen programme supervision and perform its duties as a broadcast platform,” the statement read.

The broadcaster also added that they will continue to investigate the issue and verify in a responsible manner.

The response, however, did not appease netizens, who demanded that the show stop its broadcast and apologise to Coco’s family as well as her proteges for the unfair treatment.

The latest season has Henry Lau, Joker Xue, Wakin Chau, and Wilber Pan as mentors

(Photo Source: Zhejiang TV, QQ)