“Sing! China” alumnus Wang Zepeng, recently broke his silence regarding his mentor Coco Lee and the recent controversy surrounding her alleged mistreatment on the hit reality show.

Earlier, in a leaked audio clip believed to be Coco ranting about the show, the late singer can be heard sharing many of the mistreatments she faced on the show, including one in which the show ignored her request of having her protégé Wang stand next to her on stage due to her weak leg.

Coco stated that she gave the team a copy of her X-ray as proof that she couldn’t stand for a long time, but that while they agreed at first, they suddenly arranged for Wang Zepeng to walk away from her during the performance so that he would not be beside her the rest of the time.

On 20 August, Wang Zepeng took to social media to share several screenshots of his conversations with Coco prior to the said episode, and revealed that he only met Coco during the first rehearsal on the 12th to discuss the song and key, and had not interacted with her on the second day.

Wang stated that Coco later told him that she had not been informed of the second rehearsal on the 13th.

On the 14th, which was the final recording, Wang stated that his phone was confiscated as soon as he arrived at the venue, and he did not get to read Coco’s important messages regarding her leg injury, as well as her words of encouragement and other messages from the singer. He added that he was not told by the team about Coco’s leg injury as well.

Wang stated that he had his back to Coco the entire time during the performance, and only saw Coco sitting on the ground (due to her weak leg) when he turned around at the end. He only got his phone back at 10pm that night and found out about it.

The singer said that he texted Coco and apologised for the incident, saying that he was unaware that he needed to support her during their performance.

As the reason why he decided to speak up, Wang stated that Coco would always be an important person to him.

“Her words took root in my heart. She taught me to let go of my timidity, to face everything, to be courageous in expressing my view. She was my beloved teacher,” he said.

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Coco was Wang’s mentor on the show

(Photo Source: Mingpao)