Wakin Chau’s camp has denied rumours that the singer has withdrawn from the latest season of “Sing! China” amid the controversy surrounding the show’s alleged mistreatment of the late Coco Lee.

As reported on SETN, rumours of the Hong Kong singer leaving sparked recently, after netizens shared a screenshot of the show’s webpage showing only three of the mentors – Wilber Pan, Henry Lau, and Joker Xue, with no image of Wakin to be seen.

Many speculated that the singer might have left halfway through the show in support of Coco, following reports of multiple misbehaviours of the show’s team towards the late singer when she became one of the mentors in the 2022 edition.

However, Wakin’s team had since denied the rumour, saying, “He is not quitting. That is just an internet rumour.”

It is noted that leaving any show midway would be a breach of contract and that the singer could be facing a lawsuit if he does so. The singer has six proteges under his guidance, including the Malaysian singer Vanessa Reynauld.

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Wakin’s image was non-existent on the webpage

(Photo Source: Wakin Chau Fanpage IG, Setn)