Vivian Chow has recently addressed rumours of marital woe publicly for the first time to the media, a few months after she was reported to have gone her separate ways from husband, Joe Nieh.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Hong Kong singer, who was asked by HK01 about the latest divorce rumour, said that due to the environment that she grew up in, she is used to seeing that sort of thing since she was very young.

“We just laughed because these news are so fake. You don’t even have to be very smart to tell how fake it is when you look at it,” she said.

It is noted that Vivian previously responded to the said rumour via social media, after she was said to have left their family home in April. She posted a photo of a bird and wrote that she and her husband are still happily married.

Meanwhile, when asked if she has plans to return to filming, Vivian said that she often receives offers but has yet to find a role that gets her attention.

“Give me the motivation to act and I will do it,” she added. webp to jpg1
Vivian and Joe have been married since 2009

(Photo Source: Vivian Chow IG, Oriental Daily)