It looks like Hong Kong actor Terence Yin’s wish of reconciling with ex-girlfriend Raquel Xu has finally come true.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the mainland actress-singer recently posted a photo on Weibo of two hands intertwining, writing, “We will try to walk together again and treat each other sincerely. Thank you, everyone.”

She also tagged Terence in the post. The actor later reposted it with an added heart emoji.

Terence Yin and Raquel Xu hands
Back together

It is noted that Terence expressed on social media late last year that he still has feelings for the actress, after they broke up in 2019 following eight months of relationship.

He stated that, “I have known her for eight years, and although she is very self-reliant, I always think that she is the one I want to protect.”

Raquel later responded that the reason they broke up before was because Terence didn’t want to get married.

Terence Yin and Raquel Xu 2
The two dated for a short time in the past

(Photo Source: Terence Yin Weibo, Raquel Xu Weibo)