Stars from Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan recently recorded videos to mourn the passing of Hong Kong star Coco Lee, who passed away back in early July.

Stars like Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Ang Lee, Jolin Tsai, GEM Tang, and Hacken Lee, shared their memory of the late singer. Andy shared that he had known Coco for nearly 30 years being in the same record company and sharing the same manager in the past.

“She changed from a naive little sister to a superstar full of strength and skills, all of which will never be erased from our hearts,” he said.

Jackie Chan: Coco was born to be a star
Andy Lau: Coco was a superstar full of strength and skills

Said Jackie, “For fans all over the world who love her, Coco was born to be a star, an idol who always had a sunny smile. Her songs and dances accompany many people in their youth. She was the first Asian to sing on the Oscar stage. We are proud of her.”

Meanwhile, Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai stated that Coco was a truly warmhearted senior who was kind to her back when she was just a newcomer.

“I am sad that she is now gone and I hope that she will go to the place that she likes and continue to spread happiness and warmth,” Jolin added.

Coco attempted suicide on 2 July, and breathed her last three days later after being rushed to the hospital. She was 48.

Farewell, Coco

(Photo Source: Mingpao)