The fans ate it up as K-pop star Rain expressed his love for Kuching, Sarawak when he appeared in front of the crowd during his recent visit as a guest of the ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA 2023).

The singer, who had a mini meet and greet on the final day of the festival at the Old Courthouse, surrounded by hundreds of fans, expressed his elation over coming to Kuching for the first time.

“It’s like heaven for me. There’s so much delicious food, and it’s such a beautiful city. I love Kuching,” he said, much to fans’ excitement. 365772114 18377549374012378 226511949212436608 n 1080
Surrounded by so many fans

He also told fans he had laksa and Kuching dim sum the day before, and even threw an “Apa khabar” to the many people who came to see him.

The singer posted about his appearance on social media, and wrote, “It was the best day ever!!!”

In addition to his appearance at AIFFA, Rain also received the esteemed ASEAN Inspiration Award during the event for his remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry. 365955053 18377807908012378 8100635230884929237 n 1080
Rain won a special accolade at AIFFA 366275981 18377978116012378 6157537271892853732 n 1080
The singer shared pictures of a variety of Malaysian delicacies in his latest post