Hello Universe, the organiser of British rock band Muse’s “Will of The People World Tour” has finally released a statement regarding the more than an hour delay of the concert that had been a topic of much discussion among fans.

On 31 July, the company shared that the show, which was supposed to start at 8.30PM on 29 July, was only able to commence at around 9.45PM to “ensure the safety of all audience members.”

“There was a late surge of traffic arriving at the Bukit Jalil Stadium between 8.15PM and 8.45PM, so it was decided to allow more time at the entry points so people didn’t rush in and this could be controlled correctly,” the statement read.

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The band only began playing at 9.45PM despite the 8.30PM schedule

It then added that there was also a minor issue with the barrier at Zone C, and that they needed 10 to 15 minutes to rectify the issue to prevent accidents. At the same time, the company claimed that they had to ensure a clear route for the band to enter the stage and start the show.

“We take all safety concerns seriously, and it is our utmost priority in any event that we do.”

The answer given did not bring satisfaction to concertgoers, who took to the comments to question the organisers’ lack of explanation during the event itself. Others stated that the late surge of traffic is not the rest of the fans’ problem, especially as they were able to arrive in time, and that there was no such thing as crowd traffic seeing that the stadium was not even close to being packed.

Fans also expressed frustration by the lack of promotions by the organiser prior to the concert, seeing that Malaysia was the only Asian country that the band chose to perform in and that it could have attracted more fans from neighbouring countries and boost Malaysia’s entertainment tourism.

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Fans slammed organiser for not promoting the show enough to fans outside Malaysia
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Malaysia was the band’s only Asian stop