Taiwanese TV personality NONO has recently been summoned to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s office to be questioned following multiple reports of sexual assault and harassment.

On Oriental Daily, it was revealed that the 52-year-old was taken to the prosecutor’s office on 2 August, and reportedly told them that he has to “face it sooner or later” as he left his Neihu District home with them.

Several items were seized from his home, including his computer and phone.

NONO remained silent as he was swarmed with questions by the media, and kept his head down after someone shouted “Scum!” at him prior to entering the premise.

It was back in June that a social media influencer called Anisa took to Facebook and Instagram to reveal that she was sexually assaulted by a celebrity named N, after going to him for help following another close call with a baseball player. She then revealed in a press conference that 20 victims have reached out to her to share their experience with NONO, and that she has evidence to back her allegations.

Following the accusation, NONO took to social media to announce that he will be halting his work activities to reflect on himself.

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NONO has been taken in for questioning at the police station

(Photo Source: NONO FB, Oriental Daily)