CCTV host Neghmat Rakhman recently assured that he is fine, following news that he was injured during filming of a show.

Neghmat, known to many as Nigemaiti, posted a new photo of himself at the airport on Weibo on 28 August, looking much better than the previous image circulating online. He stated that it was just a small scratch, and that he is doing fine now.

The TV personality revealed that he tried Mongolian wrestling at the Naadam Festival as part of the show “Hello Life”, and was feeling tired after a few rounds.

“In the end, I failed to stand firmly and fell head on… Thanks to the grassland of Xilingol, it protected my face. If there wasn’t grass, I dare not think of the consequences. It can be seen how important it is to restore grassland ecology,” he said.

An earlier photo showed Neghmat bleeding from one eye, with Sa Beining helping him tend to the wound alongside another crew member.

The photo of Neghmat’s injury alarmed his fans

(Photo Source: Neghmat Rakhman Weibo, SINA)