While Michelle Chen is excited about sending her kid to school in a recent social media post, fans and netizens alike were more focused on the school that Little Xing Xing (Chen Muchen) goes to.

On 26 August, the Taiwanese actress posted a video on the social media and e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu of her seven-year-old skipping to school and chanting, “Happy! Happy! Happy!”

“School finally starts. Chen Xingxing is in the second grade,” she wrote.

The little guy is so happy to return to school

However, it was the red and blue shirt and pants combo that sparked netizens’ interest, with many pointing out that it was the uniform belonging to a certain Beijing international school, which has an annual tuition fee of RMB 276,000 (approx. USD 37,860).

They also mentioned that the school, which also provides programmes from kindergarten to high school, has many branches around the world, including Singapore and South Korea. It is also the choice of other stars including singer Faye Wong and actor Tian Liang, whose children, Leah Dou and Tian Chenyu studied there.

(Photo Source: Michelle Chen Weibo)