Mayanne Mak assures there is nothing fishy or worrisome about the red marks on her neck and chest when she was co-hosting the Miss Hong Kong 2023.

The TV personality sparked concern among netizens recently, after noticeable red patches can be seen across her chest and neck while she was hosting the swimsuit segment that was aired live on TV. However, Mayanne seemed very professional and showed no discomfort at all.

When interviewed by the media afterwards, the TVB artiste stated that the temperature in the studio was too high and that she was too excited, which triggered the red marks.

“When I started the first session, I already felt quite hot. The air-conditioned wasn’t cold enough than what I am used to, since I am a winter person. As soon as I finished the first interview, I laughed so hard that the blood and excitement soared so fast,” she said.

Mayanne also thanked the media for helping her clarify the situation, saying that it was not the first time it happened to her.

“Because the Q&A session has a time constraint, I tried my best to control myself, taking deep breaths all the way and hoping that the excitement level can calm down,” she added.

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Mayanne was one of the hosts of the Miss Hong Kong 2023

(Photo Source: Mayanne Mak IG, Oriental Sunday HK)