Eight years since their last collaboration, Louis Koo and Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng will reunite in the upcoming movie, “The Trier Of Fact”.

As reported on Mingpao Weekly, Louis, who worked together with Eddie in the late Benny Chan’s 2016 movie, “Call of Heroes”, stated that he is happy to be able to collaborate with the Taiwanese actor again, though this time through a movie by Tong Wao Hong, who is considered Benny’s protege.

“Last time, I didn’t have a lot of scenes with Eddie, but this time it’s different. We’re in the same team. The characters are both good and evil wandering on the edge. There are some breakthroughs,” he said.

Said Eddie, “It’s different from my previous roles. I have never done this before. Previously, it was a period movie, and now it’s a Hong Kong police film. I am looking forward to it.”

It is noted that the movie was supervised by Benny Chan during its development stage, but was postponed following his passing in 2020. As the filmmaker played a big role in the project, his name is still being listed as the producer.

The upcoming movie co-stars Amy Lo, Philip Keung, and Bowie Lam among others.

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The two previously worked together in ‘Call of Heroes’

(Photo Source: MP Weekly, SOHU)