After 16 years of marriage, Kay Tse is elated to finally be releasing a song composed by her own husband, Louis Cheung.

Speaking about the song, literally titled, “Married and Breaking the Waves”, Kay stated that she was surprised when she received the composition from Louis, as it was the first music he created for her in many years.

“We have been married for 16 years. Our children have grown up now. I have this feeling that our marriage has gone a long way and I was touched when I was listening to it. I felt like the melody was deep, a lot of emotions in it,” she said.

Kay also stated that she spoke to lyricist Siu Hak about marriage prior to the song being written, saying, “People always think of these three things as the big events of their lives. Birth, marriage, death. People used to think that marriage is as important as life and death, but the success rate of marriage in modern times is not guaranteed. So, many people chose to not get married and pursue love in a different way.”

“I especially want to dedicate this song to those who still believe in marriage. It is rare to find someone who makes you decide to get married and have this experience, and thus this song is created. Siu Hak wrote perfectly my feelings and views of marriage,” she added.

The song has been released since 18 August.

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Julian composed the song for wife Kay

(Photo Source: Kay Tse IG)